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  • Can I sell metals, dump trash, rent dumpsters etc?"
    YES! Everyone is always welcome, we serve everyone.
  • Can I put Cement, Ash or Dirt in a dumpster."
    Upto 1 cubic yard of dirt or cement is included in the rental. No ash is permited at anytime. If you have more than 1 yard of dirt or cement to dispose of, please advise and we will help you with a solution.
  • Dumpster Weight Limits Explained
    There are no weight limits for most dumpsters. Household and construction debris is OK and has no weight limit. If you have over 1 cubic yard of dirt, dirt equivilent or cement please advise when ordering so we can help you find the correct size dumpster that will not be over weight to travel safely. Any size dumpster we have, if full of concrete or dirt, can not be pickedup and will be dumped as it is aginst the DOT law to travel with such a heavy load. You do have options, but it is imparitive you let us know, otherwise we may have to dump the load to remove the dumpster. If this happends you will be charged a $200 trip charge, all other monies will be refunded.
  • How much will a pickup truck cost to dump?
    Pickup Truck with a 6' Bed + Level to the side rails, costs $36 to dump. + Higher than the side rails will cost $54 to dump. + Filled to the top of the cab will cost $72 to dump. Pickup Truck with a 8' Bed + Level to the side rails, costs $54 to dump. + Higher than the side rails will cost $72 to dump. + Filled to the top of the cab will cost $108 to dump
  • How to measure Cubic Yards
    Measure your load, not your trailer LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT then devide by 27 = Cubic Yards Note: We do not do 1/4 or 1/2 yards, all yardage is rounded upto the next nearest yard. Prices on marketing materials are estimates to help the customer, we reserve the right to lower or raise prices as all cost to dump are based on a bid. Effecting the bid could be weight, size, matterial, etc.
  • But my truck bed is less than 2 yards when full?
    Yes, but we round up to the next yard, so if your truck bed is 1.5 we round to 2 or $36. Most transfer stations charge a 2 yard minimum to dump, we also have a minimum ours is only $18.
  • Do you offer roll-off container service?
    Yes, we offer roll off dumpsters and driveway safe trailers. Dumpsters: 10 yard, 15 yard, 20 yard & 30 yard Driveway safe Trailers: 10 yard & 15 yard trailers
  • Can I receive cash for the material I sell?
    We pay cash thru our ATM for all metal sales. State law requires that we pay for copper and catalytic converter sales over $25 via check thru the US Mail.
  • Do you work with schools and non-profit agencies as well as business and industry?
    We have established recycling programs for many community organizations as well as provided opportunities for fund raising.
  • What areas do you serve?
    We service all of Mid-Michigan. Lansing Holt Mason Okemos Eaton Rapids Haslett East Lansing Pollerville Perry Ovid St. Johns Charlotte Dansville Williamston Webberville Bath Leslie Dewitt Grand Ledge Rives Junction Stockbridge Laingsburg Onondaga Muliken Eagle Bunker Hill
  • How do I find metal pricing I can trust?
    Receive daily quotes from our retail location by calling our office
  • Where can I find recycling literature and brochures?
    We can provide them to your company or agency. They are also available from The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
  • Can anyone buy or sell scrap metal?
    Yes, We provide services to corporations as well as individuals. State law requires that you have a valid state ID, be 16+ years old, & have no metal theft convictions.
  • What materials do you accept?
    Most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Please refer to our page for additional lists of acceptable materials
  • Do you offer pickup service for scrap metal?
    No, not at this time
  • How can I get current pricing for metals?
    Updated current pricing is available by phone at 517-272-7753
  • What are your hours?
    We are now into our Fall/Winter Hours. These will be expanded in the spring. 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday 9 to 3 Saturday
  • What do I need to set-up an account for selling metals?
    You will need to present a state issued Driver’s License or Identification card, have a thumbprint placed on file, and sign a statement indicating that the material is yours to sell.
  • Do you buy cars?
    At this time, we do not purchase salvage vehicles. We do purchase a vast array of oil-free car parts that are comprised offerrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • What is your policy regarding tanks and cylinders for metal recycling?
    All tanks and cylinders must be cut in half and free of any fluids.They must also have pink stripes painted on them to signify they are empty.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    No appointment is necessary.
  • Do you purchase electronics?
    At this time, due to trade tarrifs, we do not purchase most electronics. We will however accept them for free.
  • Do you offer pick-up services?
    We offer routine pickup for commercial clients or large quantities of materials. However, we do not offer pickup for residential scrap.
  • Do you sell used auto parts?
    No. We are not an auto salvage yard. Please refer to your local business directory for those services.
  • Do you post prices?
    No, we do not post prices. Due to the volatile nature of commodities, prices fluctuate constantly on a daily basis. Therefore, it is best to call or submit a request for current pricing.
  • How much $ can I get for my catalytic converter?
    It is difficult to price converters over the phone, even with a description. It is best to bring the converter to our yard for grading and a price quote. Converters are graded based on whether they are OEM or after-market converters.
  • Where do the recyclable materials go?
    Our recycled materials literally go across the nation and around the world! They are sorted,crushed or shredded, bailed, bundled, or repackaged at our local facilities. They are then shipped off to the appropriate refineries and manufacturers to be further processed and turned into new products.
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