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We Buy All


We buy all Wire, insulated and non-insulated.  


Bring it in and we'll weight it & pay you. It is super easy to make some extra cash recycling wire in our convenient & clean facility. 


We understand you don't scrap every day, let us help you understand the process and show you how to upgrade your aluminum items to get the most money. It will be Fast, Fun and Friendly!

aluminum wire.jpg
Aluminum Wire
communication wire.png
Communication Wire
Heliax wire.png
Heliax Wire
Insulated Steel BX Wire.jpg
Insulated Steel BX
Tin Insulated Copper.jpg
Tin Insulated Copper
christmas lights.jpg
Christmas Lights
cat 5 wire.jpg
Cat 5 Wire
computer wire.jpg
Computer Wire
double insulated wire.png
Double Insulated
Insulated copper wire.gif
Household Wire
Romex wire.jpg
Romex® Wire
elevator wire.png
Elevator Wire
aluminum wire.jpg
Insulated Aluminum
THHN Wire.jpg
fire wire.jpg
Fire Wire
Insulated copper wire.gif
Insulated Copper Wire
Harness Wire.jpg
Harness Wire
Insulated copper wire.gif
Wire Scrap
Solid Core Heliax
Enameled Copper Wire

Currently NOT PURchasing metals

You May Still Drop any Metals off For FREE

We do not have the staffing to purchase scrap metals at this time. 

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